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In 2017 Parliament voted in favor of a second reading for the Elizabeth Brice Bill to legalize Medicinal Cannabis in the UK. The second reading is due on the 23rd of February 2018. My local MP David Hanson has declined to support the bill posed by Paul Flynn after stating he believes in pharmaceutical drugs and not the model being adopted in the States and Canada. 

In many areas, there is a lack of clear thinking on the uses and abuses of drugs. As a 2-year brain cancer survivor and 6 year 3D Science communicator, I want to help UK patients to avoid the plague of pharmaceutical opioid addictions and deaths that have cut life expectancy in the USA with 72,000 deaths. Without a science-based drugs policy, we in the UK are following that trend.

At a time where the NHS is already strained from underfunding, we need to be smarter about what we consider dangerous drugs and what we consider medicinal drugs. Like the opioid addictions, alcohol also has vast death statistics from addiction and abuse, where cannabis has been legalized in the States, addiction levels and deaths from both have fallen dramatically.

The dispensaries there have proven with their regulations on stopping underage sales and regular quality checks of their products, that only the safest products are available to adults that are seeking treatment with non-lethal alternatives like cannabis. 

They have proven so popular that the tax revenues have put back into the entire States infrastructure and housing issues for those that are homeless. 

A better example can be found in the 29 US states who have re-legalized Medicinal cannabis. Each of these states has benefited from a drop in drug crime- up to 41%. 

There is always a chance that there will be a filibuster against the bill or that it will be talked out and not given a time when it comes up on the 23rd of February. Although a huge disappointment, this does not necessarily mean that the bill is dead. There is a chance of a second reading at a later date. Even more helpful would be if the Government adopted the bill and gave it time for its passage.

With every debate, public opinion becomes more firmly in favor of a change in the law because none of us are immune to a disease. Help show your local representatives that the public supports medicinal cannabis and that when this bill is heard in parliament, they put the interests of people health ahead of pharmaceutical profits which are fueling the opioid crisis. 

No one is immune from the many diseases that can be treated with low THC Indica and what most people don't know is that it contains over 400 other non-psychoactive compounds that are anti-inflammatory. These 400 lesser known cannabinoids are not found in standard legal hemp oils and ruined in Sativex spray with uses alcohol in the spray. 

Sativex is not genuine medicinal cannabis because the pharmaceutical behind it overcharge the NHS around £140 per gram and is only legal to prescribe to those that suffer from MS which isn't good enough given that brain cancer is the biggest cancer killer of the under 40's in the UK. 

We have lab evidence that cannabis can be very effective against brain cancer in vitro settings

It is a travesty that the UK government has kept cannabis as a schedule 1 substance where we in the science community cannot conduct genuine human trials to find out why it works for some brain cancer patients and not for all. If we could have a more reasonable schedule for cannabis, we could find out ways to widen the coverage of its effectiveness as everyone's cancer responds individually to specific cannabinoid ratios. 

Let's not be left behind by the rest of the world, lets put our health first and support the real science, not the Daily Mail junk science where all cannabis is treated as 1 strain.

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