Stop Covid19 DNRs being issued to elderly, disabled, autistic & learning disabled people

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'Do Not Resuscitate' (DNR) forms have been issued in a number of areas in the UK. These DNRs are being issued without the full co-operation of the elderly, disabled, autistic and learning disabled people they target or their families.

The DNRs have been sent out to free up hospital resources during the Coronavirus pandemic, however: "A number of organisations, including NHS England and the British Medical Association, have issued guidance in recent days to say blanket DNRs - covering all the people at one setting - are "unacceptable" and all decisions must been made on an individual basis.

They also say a learning disability, autism or stable long-term disability like cerebral palsy, are not in themselves ever reasons for a DNR." ~ BBC News

There have already been deaths as a result of this blanket DNR policy. Please sign this petition to let the government know that we will not stand for this. DNR should remain the choice of the individual or their family - not an order from somebody who knows nothing about them.



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