Send Foreign Aid to Australia immediately!

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Australia is burning. The death toll for wildlife stands to exceed unprecedented numbers. Communities outside major cities are on fire, cut off and struggling for basic supplies. People are losing their homes, their livelihoods and their lives. 

Farmers are euthanising their livestock in droves. Endangered wildlife face becoming extinct. Habitats which have been lovingly nursed back from the brink of destruction in reserves have been wiped out.

There is a shortage of P2 masks currently, with no postal service to help deliver. People are struggling to breathe. Across the country airports, universities and businesses have shut. Air quality is so severe it is deemed not safe to venture out.

Our government as of yet, has not pledged any foreign aid.

We know that New Zealand have been sending firefighters to work in rotation to tackle the fires for the past three months. The defence minister Ron Mark announced NZ would send three NH90 helicopters and crew, two NZ Army combat engineer sections, and a command element to support the ADF. 

Singapore have offered military capabilities. 

We need to help. 

Please sign this petition if you agree that the UK Government holds moral responsibility to help our allies in their desperate hour of need. 

The sooner we are able to stem the fires, the better chance we have of saving lives, ecosystems and species from extinction. 

Thank you.