Save our fantastic moorland landscape, ban disposable barbecue’s

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The devastating moorland wildfires of 2018 and now the spring of 2019 are causing damage to our fragile blanket bog habitat. A habitat which is rarer than Rain Forrest and already under threat from climate change and our past industrial legacy. Across the South Pennines and Dark Peak it is also as close as we get to wilderness, an important escape from our busy lives in our northern cities next door to this fantastic landscape. It is clear that the use of disposable barbecues is a major cause of these devastating fires, 6 were apparently confiscated from people on the moors in the Rochdale and Oldham area over the Easter weekend. They are not in any case disposable as after use they are still alight often for hours after use and so have to be left on site, at best adding to a litter problem at worst starting a catastrophic fire. This destroys wildlife and habitat and is currently costing millions in our taxes to put fires out and restore land and risking lives. Please please take these disposable barbecue’s off the shelves and ban their use in the wider environment.