SACK Sadiq Khan as London Mayor

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Sadiq Khan is a ‘controversial’ mayor and the worst we have ever seen.

with his recent comments on Trump It’s very worrying to see London mayor having an agenda on a Person he has never met before.

khan said its ‘unbritish’ to roll our a red carpet this could be interpreted as a ‘racists comment’ for many reasons depending on how people sees it.

hes also offensive and disrespectful and dangerous in the comments he has made.

he also gave permission to fly the immature baby blimp of President Donald Trump again which is totally offensive.

he has also done a bad job on crime and said its part of the parcel living in a big city.

hes damaging our relationship and democracy.

its time he’s sacked by the people.

A lot of people are concerned about crime which has increased to:

* Rape up 18%

* Theft up 34% 

* Homicide up 27% 

* Burgarly up 19% 

* Gun crime up 16%

* Knife crime up 31%

* Youth Homicide up 70%

Is this a future you want?

the only way to reduce crime is to sack Sadiq Khan who has said its part of parcel and hasn’t condemn any violence and is always in-denial.

He’s very childish when it comes to relationships with the United States and it’s President Donald Trump. Because, Sadiq Khan says he’s like a baby � this is ignorance and a lack of respect.

London, does not stand for this.

sadiq Khan fails to make crime fall as since he’s been mayor people are always being killed and feeling unsafe on the streets of London. Which is why many people have signed my petition due to the fact they are really concerned he is failing on what he promised.

Mr Khan is also blamed for the increase ‘knife crime’ and rather than being unwelcome to the president and treating those who are Brexiteers are appalling.

nobody, no longer feels safe in the great city of London.

Liam Gallagher has criticised London mayor Sadiq Khan for his response to London’s knife crimeepidemic, claiming that he is fearful for the safety of his children.

“Every morning you wake up there’s some 16-year-old being knifed to death and that,” the former Oasisfrontman told BBC Breakfast. “I’ve got kids that age, out and about and that, doing their thing, living, being young. That freaks me right out – it does worry me. I’ve got teenagers. I’d have a word with that mayor – he seems to not be doing a good job, all them kids getting knifed and all that.”

Referencing Khan’s official campaign to celebrate the capital’s diversity, Gallagher continued: “The only thing that ever comes out of his mouth is, ‘London is open’. What, open for knife crime and dying and stuff?”

a lot of famous people are also calling Khan out for his lack of morals and his incompetent and immature and ignorant behaviour.

he does not stand for London nor does he represent them.

this is out capital and he’s causing divisions.

He gets a big salary off £143,911 which a lot of people would love the chance to have and funny how he has security and does not care about anyone. He could donate this money to ��‍♀️

Then, he got rid most of the police in London which is why the crime has increased considerably.

This unintelligent comments London mayor Sadiq Khan calls President Donald Trump ‘6ft 3 child’ made by mayor is unnaceptable and spewing hatred and should be sacked.

He also described President as ‘poster boy for racists’ this is totally unnaceptable and unnecessary that the mayor wants to savage our relationship and is a deluded and absurd man!

these comments made by him could lead to hatred and violence. He really contradicts himself. 

He also joked to ask whether people got their phones on and if the President has tweeted. Everyone, fed up with this vile and hatred and disgusting human being who has so much anger. It’s really worrying to see since he is the mayor of our great capital.

im asking you alongside everyone who signed to sack the disgrace Mayor who represents no one apart from himself.

hes also incompetent when comes down to crime and so much more......