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Robert Mugabe must go to save Zimbabwe

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On the 11th of March 2017, MDC-T UK & Ireland, South West District has organised a demonstration for 'Mugabe must go to save Zimbabwe' to be held in Portsmouth city in United Kingdom. This an awareness campaign aimed for the international community to support the people of Zimbabwe against the dictatorial regime of Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

Robert Mugabe has been the President of Zimbabwe since independence in 1980 from the colonial rule for 37 years now, with his ruling party ZANU PF. He has recently turned 93 years of age. MDC-T party under its President Morgan Tsvangirai is the biggest opposition party against Mugabe and his ZANU PF party's undemocratic rule.

ZANU PF has no boundaries when it comes to abduct, torture or kill opposition members or activists of other Zimbabwean political parties mainly MDC – T members. There is escalation of brutality against anyone who opposes Robert Mugabe regardless of whether this is through peaceful demonstrations or media campaigns. ZANU PF and Robert Mugabe have given stern warning to protesters that they will be dealt with in a harsh way and are risking their lives. ZANU PF cops, the military and CIO are behind the brutality and disappearance of individuals who oppose Robert Mugabe. There is a lot of corruption and misappropriation of funds by the Mugabe regime

Robert Mugabe has threatened to pull out of the United Nations just as he did with the Commonwealth in 2002 because they are against his continuous human rights abuses. It shows that Mugabe is against anyone who opposes him and will not bow down and change.

As Diaspora we organise, spearhead and coordinate activities, legal demonstrations and fund raise for the MDC-T party here in UK and Ireland as part of international awareness campaigns of the current dire situation in Zimbabwe and for the intensification of the fight for democracy, social justice and human rights for Zimbabweans.

1) We demand the release of all political activists in Mugabe’s filthy prisons.
2) We demand a stop to violence, abductions, torture and forced disappearances.
3) We demand electoral, security and media reforms.
4) We demand a new Biometric voters’ roll without the interference of ZANU PF or the current regime.
5)We demand a free and fair election for 2018, supervised and monitored by UN, EU, AU and other democratic institutions.
6)We demand fair drought relief distribution

Please support suffering Zimbabweans by signing this petition which will be presented to the House of Commons by the Portsmouth MP on our behalf.      


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