Right to Rescue

Right to Rescue

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It's a hot sunny day, the sun is beating down.

You see a car, shocked to see trapped inside alone is a dog, panting, hot and distressed. 

It can take just 15 minutes for a dog to get brain damage or die of heatstroke, with temperatures in cars rapidly escalating in short time frames.

Your first instinct, like most people, would probably be to rescue this dog from imminent death instantly.

However UK law could have you prosecuted for criminal damage if you decide to act on this good intention. 

Instead we are advised to call the authorities, RSPCA and take down the details of the car. All of this taking up much needed the time the dog just doesn't have.


Concerned citizens and animal lovers should be able to rescue these animals left unattended in dangerous situations without consequence. They should have the right to rescue an animal from a life threatening situation such as this! Sign the petition now