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Reverse The Parole Board's Decision To Free The 'Black Cab Rapist,' John Worboys

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In 2009, Black Cab driver John Worboys was jailed for sexually assaulting twelve women, who he had drugged and then raped in the back of his taxi. After being struck with a life sentence and with suspicion that he may have committed over 100 sexual assaults, it was widely believed at the time that 51 year old Worboys would never be a free man again. Sadly this doesn't seem to be the case.

On the 4th January 2018, it was announced that Worboys was set to be released from jail after serving a mere eight years in prison, which barely even amounts to a month for each sexual assault he is believed to have committed. Even ignoring that, he didn't even serve a full year for each woman he was confirmed to have raped, which is an absolute travesty.

For the sake of his victims, we beg the British Parliament to have a look at the parole board's decision to free Worboys and to reverse it. Over 100 women were let down by the police's failure to convict the man, despite repeated reports and it would be a slap in each and every one of their faces yet again, if they were now let down by the judicial system. Please reconsider letting this vile man walk the streets again. 

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