Put Cornish on the 2021 Census!

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After much campaigning and support for a Cornish tick box on the 2021 census by the people of Cornwall, Parliament has ignored us and decided that there will not be a Cornish tick box on the 2021 census.

Welsh is on there, Scottish is on there, English is on there, Northern Irish is on there and British is on there so why is there no Cornish?

Since 2014, Cornish has been a national minority. It is therefore racist and discriminatory for the UK government to not put Cornish on the 2021 census.

However, as the census is in 2021, there is still time to get YOUR voice heard and stand up for the Cornish people. This racism should not be happening and should not be tolerated. Please get your voice heard, sign the petition.

Meur ras ha Kernow bys vyken / Thank you and Cornwall for ever