#Borisout - Public vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson & profit over people party.

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In light of the Covid 19 outbreak it is clear that Boris Johnson is not the person to be Prime Minister. Through his lack of action and catastrophic promotion of herd immunity, he has failed to contain or slow down the outbreak. Nor has the government listened to the World Health Organisation and facilitated widespread testing.

The government has failed to keep us safe by delaying social distancing policies where the rest of the world has rapidly enforced these measures. Our government has not provided NHS staff with adequate personal protective equipment either. 

Supporting the economy has been Johnson's main priority and yet the poorest and most vulnerable are left behind. Most rely on community support and food banks.

Johnson's government are expecting the working public to survive on £94 a week. The self employed and those on zero hours contracts are left to struggle alone without sufficient provision.

Supermarkets were given no support or guidance to cope with chaotic panic buying nor where there speedy government guidance on rationing stock to customers. Supermarkets have now implemented these independently.

We can not allow the government to go unchecked. Please sign and share.