Palm oil nutella boycott

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Palm oil is being put into hundreds of products across the world and destroying forests and the homes of animals like lemurs! We have to begin to challenge corporations and companies that use palm oil as it ruins the homes of hundreds of animals by destroying their habitat. In some cases palm oil has been known to cause cancer when used in chocolate. Many people do not know about how terrible palm oil is and that it hurts people as well as animals. I just want people to know that I ,as well as practically every person in my school, cares  about the environment and want it to be kept healthy and luscious for as long as it can be. I want people to know that even if  Nutella is one of the most delicious,creamy toast coverings in the world, I, and hopefully you too, care about the rainforest more than chocolatey toast! I really,really hope you agree with me and sign the petition!