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NO MORE MASS DEPORTATION CHARTER FLIGHTS. An end to these modern day slave ships

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Every year the UK Home Office 'deports' or 'removes' thousands of migrants on terrifying secretive night time charter flights. Thousands of people are transferred from detention centres across the country, without warning and often forcibly transferred to Stanstead Airport where they are handcuffed by 'escorts' from Tascor Security Services and placed on a Titan Airways charter flight out of the country to former colonies and war zones including Nigeria, Ghana, Jamaica, Pakistan, Albania and war-torn Afghanistan.

Mass deportation charter flights are without doubt one of the most inhumane and brutal facets of the detention and deportation regime. Charter flights are targeting long-established African, Asian and Caribbean communities in Britain, where so many families are multinational. They are dividing families and deporting people who have built lives in the UK, who have parents, partners and children here, men and women who have lived most of their lives in Britain, students who have not finished their courses, those who have sought asylum in the UK, people with serious health problems and others who are long-term carers to elderly and disabled relatives. Targeting so many people who are integrated members of their communities and wider society is a divisive act of racist discrimination.

Deportation charter flights happen in the dead of night. All the governments involved lie about what is happening and the procedures they follow. So do the companies involved: TASCOR SERVICES LIMITED, TITAN AIRWAYS and CARLSTON WAGONLIT TRAVEL. In fact, so little is known about these companies' involvement in this violent and racist policy that Titan Airways disturbingly won BACAs 'Best Passenger Charter Airline 2016’ and continues to pride itself on being 'the airline of choice.' We must ask, whose choice?

One woman detained in Yarlswood detention centre describes the horror of deportation charter flights: “It really reminds us of the history you read about slaves. When they used to take people and put them in the ships, to take them and go and sell them. Now, they are doing this here. Yarl’s Wood is a slave ship. They take you from here and put you on a charter flight…. We are treated as animals." In the words of another detainee, "The people in the Mediterranean, we are like this. This is our ship, we are drowning.”

There is an international resistance to these modern day slave ships building. Please join Leeds No Borders, Nigeria Deportation Group, Movement for Justice By Any Means Necessary, deportees in Jamaica, the women in Yarlswood detention centre and anti-racist and migrant rights organisations internationally in resisting this brutal policy that is such a key part of British politicians’ scapegoating of immigrants for poverty, austerity and insecurity.

Sign this petition. Share it among everyone you know. Boycott these companies. Write to them. Write to your local MP. Tell everyone you know. We have to expose the lies, racism and inhumanity of these flights.

There is a scheduled deportation charter flight to Nigeria expected to leave around 24th January 2017. Together, we can stop it.

We are calling for the UK government to end deportation charter flights for good and for these companies to admit accountability and withdraw their involvement.

For more information which exposes the truth see:

For information regarding the two weeks of international action against these flights see:

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