Independent investigation to establish whether the RSPCA is fit purpose.

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I’m calling for an independent review of the RSPCA to establish whether it is still fit for purpose and operating in the animals best interest. 

Each year there are hundreds of headlines in the media highlighting the failings of the RSPCA, however they remain untouchable. They spend a fortune on ad campaigns portraying themselves as a “caring” profession who “rescue” animals in distress or who have suffered maltreatment/neglect. However as many people who have contacted the RSPCA to report such matters will know, it is a rarity that they will a) attend the reported incident, and b) take action to protect the animal. 

The most recent case in point would be the abused pony in North Wales, of which videos and pictures are going viral. The RSPCA are quoted as saying "The RSPCA and an independent vet attended and were happy with the horse's condition and care” (Leader Live article by Joe Robinson. 18/04/2019). It can clearly be seen from the video footage that the horse was injured and was being mistreated by his owner. Since this video has been shared on social media, the RSPCA have changed their tack and have advised that this matter is “under investigation”. So that begs the question... if the video had not gone viral, would the RSPCA not have warranted any further action and have been happy to leave the pony in that condition with those owners??

Small localised rescue and rehoming charities operate on a fraction of the donations the RSPCA receives and rescue so many more animals from maltreatment or neglect. It’s time the RSPCA is answerable for its failings and let people who actually ‘care’ about animals have a say in the running of the organisation! It seems it is no longer fit for purpose, as those employed by them / their internal policies are not there to benefit the animals, only to generate profits! 

It’s also seems a reoccurring problem that the RSPCA “pay off” ex employees with large sums of PUBLIC money! Why?! In 2017 it is reported that they paid of a Chief Executive (with a mere 15months in post), with a SIX figure sum!! That being on top of their already large salary of approximately £150,000. They received only a warning from the charity Commission!

Another headline this week alone, has revealed how two RSPCA employees have been arrested on suspicion of fraud. It is suspected that approximately £450,000 have been fraudulently acquired by the two employees. How has this gone unnoticed for so long for that amount of money to be taken?

In January a former chairman of a branch for the RSPCA was jailed for stealing £184,000 from the charity. 

Last summer it emerged that the daughter of the national RSPCA council chairwoman was living RENT FREE in a 4 bedroom detached property with cattery (open to the public 3hrs a day), was purchased by the charity, totalling approximately £700,000. Conveniently, this property is a mere 2 doors down from her mother (the chair) and she lives there with her husband and children. How on earth can they justify spending PUBLIC DONATIONS on that?!

It’s time this fiasco is stopped and an independent investigation is launched to weed out those who clearly do not care about the animals they serve.