Include cats within the Road Traffic Act 1988

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Cats deserve the same justice as any other animal included on the Road Traffic Act 1988. They are just as loved and as part of the family as a dog so should deserve the same justice, care and respect when the unthinkable happens.

After losing my beloved cat Obi to a RTA, I have personally felt the heartbreak after searching for weeks, hoping for a safe return, just to find that someone had left my poor boy to die alone on the side of the road. Having to go collect his body and identify him has been one of the most devasting things I have had to go through, because of this, I believe cats need to be included within the Road Traffic Act 1988. My Obi deserved so much better, and so do all the other beloved pets not protected by this law. #JusticeForObi #EqualRightsForCats