Get All Meat Products in the UK Labelled as Halal or Non-Halal

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In the UK, it has become apparent that Halal meat and Halal meat products are on sale in supermarkets, fast food chains and restaurants, without the meat or meat product being labelled as Halal.

I am a firm believer in choice. Halal slaughter is barbaric and causes much unnecessary suffering to the animal that is being slaughtered, and I, for one, would like to avoid eating meat or (meat products) that have been slaughtered in this way.

All citizens deserve freedom of choice, and, at this moment in time, we do not have this freedom. This is why I have started this petition, in order to get all meat and meat products labelled.

Please sign this petition in order to get things moving and discussed in Parliament.

It's not a big ask - we would like to have the choice to eat Halal, or not eat Halal. It's quite simple really.