Fully integrate environmental issues into the UK education system KS2/3

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As a planet, we face a variety of key environmental issues, all need addressing in order to live in a sustainable society. An exponential increase in the human population has magnified this indirectly; specifically the use of resources. Arguably, many of these problems such as global warming, mass extinction and destruction of ecosystems are caused by us, Humans. So many of these issues remain partly or completely unsolved yet the severity is not understood by most. We continue to use excessive amounts of plastic, recycle ineffectively, waste food and neglect the species that make our planet the amazing place that it is. 

Worldwide initiatives have been introduced such as the ban of CFC's, limiting the use of plastic bags and making recycling mandatory in some jurisdictions. We have came a long way since scientists started to realise the severity of our actions and we actively are making progress. As a student taking A-Levels in Liverpool, I have realised the importance of education. My generation, as well as those that will follow are going to have to revolutionise the system, ensuring a better more sustainable planet. Through education, we can educate the youngest in our society to spark an interest and solve, whilst preventing this issue. This way, a whole generation can be reached at a pivotal stage in their lives, a point where passion can become a students dream. Creating a new generation of scientists to save the world. I believe this to be a severe issue and I hope the UK government will develop the curriculum to intertwine these issues within a variety of subjects. Change can not occur without the issue being augmented, this is something that will not go away and we need to understand it. A solution must be found and it is these students who will do that, ensuring the safety of billions of organisms...