Farm worker STAMPS on newborn's head

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Farm worker OWEN NICHOL committed what one magistrate called, "the worst case of animal cruelty he'd seen in 23 years" against a newborn calf and their terrified mother. The horrifying footage has been released online showing Nichol kicking cows in the face whilst screaming, 'Come on you f****** t***'. He then proceeds to stamp on a newborn calf, seven times. Previously in the clip we see his treatment of pregnant females when he punches a cow who had just given birth, as well kicking her and slamming a gate on her. None of these crimes have been punished, nor lessons learnt, as Nichol walked free from court. There are images emerging online of lame cows, beaten so severely they can barely walk, part of the 200 cows interned at Pyrland Farm, Cheddon Rd, Taunton where Nichol committed his crimes. 

Can you imagine the horrors animals are suffering on farms like these? In the picture we see the female with chains on her back feet, like a slave. The mother cow bore witness to her infant being killed and this trauma is likely only the tip of the iceberg. Yet Owen Nichol walks free, without prison sentencing. He is free to work with animals, children and the elderly. This petition asks whether he is mentally fit to do so. If he can do this to innocent, intelligent animals - what will he do to humans? This petition ensures Owen Nichol's sadism will not go unnoticed.

We need the Government and RSPCA to work more closely in prosecuting animal abuse cases. Abusers are likely to start by victimizing animals and move onto human conquests. We need to see the signs and take action to protect the innocent in society. 

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