Dangerous Dog Laws need to be seriously addressed by the government. Save life and sign.

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The Dangerous Dog Act 1991 as it stands is unbefitting. It has been proven that any dog has the capability to be a dangerous dog and this all falls down to the owner and circumstances of what has occurred. Animals that are under this act are instantly faced with being put to sleep even if they have done nothing wrong and have a beautiful temperament all because of a label we have chosen as a society to put on them. DNA does not make an animal aggressive what makes an animal aggressive is poor ownership and lack of knowledge. Personally, I have known of many fashionable toy breeds to bite humans and get away without any consequences and even popular breeds such as Labradors to bite yet the media doesn't show this which is why bull breeds have such a bad reputation. Perhaps ban the breeding of particular breeds if people cannot see the banned breeds as safe but do not ban the ability for rescue centers to rehome these animals rather than put them to sleep. Rescue workers are very knowledgeable and put a lot of hard work into ensuring all of their animals go to suitable homes which would reduce any risk. Allow someone to rehabilitate animals as well. This would save thousands of pounds of tax payers money spent on paying for these dogs to stay in kennels whilst awaiting trial. By also allowing rescues to rehome animals that they test and find to be safe deemed dangerous not only are you respecting that animals life but again saving a lot of government money spent on bills surrounding court cases.

Maybe bring into place a legal requirement for all owners to have to have licenses to own dogs in order to maintain safety of others, stop children getting bitten and to prevent people who are irresponsible from owning a dog all together so that there is a reduction in dog fighting and unwanted dogs being dumped. This would save a lot of money and also a lot of heartache for millions of people in the UK. If you clamp down on owners you may be able to stamp out this whole thing of having a status dog and we won't see targeted breeds any longer. 


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