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Change animal rights laws

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Im saddened to see vast numbers of animals wordwide being mistreated.

Not only in the uk but world wide.

It breaks my heart.

Currently the law in the uk isn't harsh enough on animal abuse.


Stop abuse within live stock farming

Fur trade

Domestic pets


Animal abuse should be treated the same as human abuse they are living breathing thinking feeling beings who are vunable and need us to protect and love them not destroy and abuse them.


This campaign has been created for the purpose of changing the law in reguards to animal abuse.

Humans have rights animals should have equal rights!

No longer will a sick individual skin a cat alive or beat a puppy to death with a hammer and get only a fine or a week or so in jail.

Animal abusers could also become a threat to humans  so they should be delt with appropriately.

What about the poor live stock that we eat greddily every day they are bred to feed us they should be treated well not like rubbish kicked and beaten there tails bent back to cause pain.

How can this be allowed !

Please sign and demand stronger harsher sentencing show abusers its not going to be excepted by society be the voice of our animals.

They cannot speak its our duty !

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