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Cats Lives Matter Too

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On the evening of Friday 9th February 2018, our beloved cat "Neffy" was killed by a careless driver who hit her and then drove off. I woke up the following morning feeling empty, "Neffy" wasn't there to say good morning as she did every morning, she wasn't there to tell me she wanted to go out, she wasn't there to comfort me.

She wasn't just a cat, she was part of our family and the devastation it caused is beyond the words that can be written. A void has been left in her place, not just for our children but for us as adults as well.

They say "A Dog Is Mans Best Friend", but so too is a cat and cats have been worshiped as "Gods" through the ages.

"The ancient Egyptians held cats in the highest esteem, the penalties for injuring or killing a cat were severe. They worshiped a Cat Goddess, often represented as half feline, half woman, whom they called Bastet. The main center for the worship of Bastet was in northern Egypt at the city of Bubastis. The festival honoring Bastet was described as one of the largest and most enthusiastically celebrated in all of Egypt by the visiting Roman writer Herodotus. Large catteries were maintained by the Temple priests and a vast cemetery of mummified cats has been excavated outside of Bubastis. Thousands of small cat sculptures, probably left with offerings to the Temple by devotees, have also been recovered at Bubastis."

Here in the UK if a "Dog" is hit by a driver, they are required by law to inform the police as it is a "Criminal" offence not too. If you drive off after hitting a "Dog", you can be prosecuted under the "Road Traffic Act" & "Animal Welfare Act 2006" for hurting or killing that dog and you can face a custodial, points on your license and banned from driving.

A "Cat" has non of this protection, yet a "Cat" to many is just as important as a "Dog"

Almost a quarter of a million cats are run over on British roads every year. Drivers hit 630 cats every day, according to insurer Petplan. The firm's research shows that 35 per cent of drivers admit to having hit a cat. Just over one in 10 said they would leave a cat for dead.

I want to see a change in that law, for which includes "Cats" as the devastation it causes when a careless driver kills your feline friend is just as bad. The cost in vet bills can be just as high and the anger it causes can be just as bad.

As well as signing this petition, you can also petition your local MP to make this change in law. Write them an email, explain to them why you are asking for the law to be changed, include the link for this petition and lets show that "Cat Lives Matter Too"

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