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Walk Away or Step Down NOW. Do NOT give our money to the EU. A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE MUST BE MADE!! Step away and let Jacob Rees-Mogg try to recoup at least SOME Dignity for Britain from the mess Theresa (Traitorous) Dhimmi Maybe has made.

T. MayBE keeps bending over for the EU. Why has our Bill not been presented to them for the Billions they still owe us? She must either WALK AWAY immediately, or step down, and give lead to someone who actually does have the interests of this country at heart, like Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Theresa May(be) seems intent on dragging her heels and has more than done due diligence in offering funds she has no right to offer, to the EU. We, the people demand that she either step up to the plate, and immediately WALK AWAY now, close our borders, stop taking in invaders, and fund the NHS instead, to cope with the heavy load it already has. Send a bill to the EU, detailing how much they owe us, and tell them it is expected with effect immediately. Then get our world trade going now as well.

Why is this important?
More than 17.4 MILLION people voted to leave the EU .... Theresa May has done nothing but prevaricate, delay, and then delay again. She was a waste of space as Home Secretary, and she is even WORSE as a Remoaner PM! She dragged Article 50 out until March 2017, when it SHOULD have been instituted IMMEDIATELY, or by September 2016 at the very latest. This would mean that we would be out of the Greedy Grasping EU by 2018.

Not only has she dragged things out appallingly, but she had thrown funds this country can ILL AFFORD at the EU and other foreign aid projects which do NOT help the people, but are used for defensible growth in the countries it is given to. And still it is not enough, and she is now prepared to continue paying into the EU for decades. She has NOT done what the British People voted for. She has BETRAYED this country! .... She has persistently refused to HEAR the people, and to abide by OUR WISHES! ... WE put her there, and we SHOULD have the power to indict/impeach her and have her removed for her traitorous leanings.

She has done her best to remove EVERY SINGLE BREXITEER from her core group, filling it with other Remoaners. This must be reversed immediately!

It appears that the Mayor of London's behaviour in threatening the Allies of the UK are being condoned by some people. He should be arrested and stripped of office immediately for his treasonous and traitorous bent trying to put the UK to war. The Terrorist-loving, anti-semite, Sadiq Khan must be removed from office and arrested for his Anti-UK rhetoric. He has NO RIGHT to claim to be our voice when we did not vote him into power. His fraudulent post as London Mayor (most probably done by fake and illegal votes) must also be investigated. THE ONLY LAW that should be followed in this Country is BRITISH LAW!

How it will be delivered
I will find out about how to stage a press conference to have this delivered to the Prime Minister at Parliament, and No. 10.

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