Ban testing on dogs and the breeding of dogs specifically for this purpose

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If dogs are man's best friend why on earth in 2019 do we still need to test on them? It's cruel and simply barbaric.

Grimston is the home of a dog breeding ground where dogs are bred specifically to be used to test on. 

Dogs are used as the ‘second species’ in drugs tests. They are force fed, made to inhale or injected with drugs to see what dose will sicken or kill them. They have no pain relief. Even agricultural products can be tested. In the UK, 6 million of us share our homes with dogs. Only 18% of adults feel it is acceptable to use dogs for medical research. [MORI 2016] Dogs are not substitutes for humans. 90% of drugs that pass preclinical tests fail in human trials. [Biotech Innovation Organization]

The evidence that using dogs in regulatory testing advances scientific knowledge or human safety is limited, yet it causes immense suffering to thousands of dogs every year. (Cruelty Free International) 

It has to be stopped.