Animal Cruelty Must End

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Animals are such loving creatures and having one in your home is like having a brother or sister, you know they are part of the family. Although some people abuse animals, beat them, starve them, abondon them by a roadside! It is just horrific and barbaric, yet those people do it and are only sentenced to less than five years in jail. I think that, as a person who has 3 cats and 2 dogs, I could never bear if someone hurt them and was allowed near an animal again. Animal abusers should be denied having a pet ever again. The reason I vote not to give them a secod chance is because vets work hard to give the starving,wounded animals one whilst the abusive owner comes out physically unharmed. There was one case of animal cruelty where a cat was strapped to a tree, set on fire and left to die by its murderous master. Fortunately the pet was found, taken to the RSPCA and nursed back to health then given to a warm loving home. This harming of domestic animals needs to stop and people who inflict it on animals should never, ever be given a chance with pets again. Animals need happines not hate!