Allow outdoor tennis to continue during lockdown

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With a second lockdown due to start in a couple of days we implore the government to ensure outdoor tennis participation can continue in line with their exercise guidelines.

Currently there is a lack of clarity around whether tennis will be allowed as part of the government's new rule that states exercise and recreation outdoors will be allowed with your household or on your own with one person from another household.

Given that tennis is a socially distant sport and additional measures can be taken such as no ball sharing there is a very low risk of players spreading the virus and the benefits of playing on the mental and physical health of everyone young and old is unquantifiable.

I, my colleagues and our community have witnessed first hand the amazing benefits that being able to participate recreationally has had not only this year but over many many years and hope that tennis can continue to be enjoyed during this challenging time in a safe way.

I am aware that the LTA are working hard to also get this message across to the government and hope the tennis community can share this petition to help back up their approach.