Allow drug testing at festivals to save lives

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Make drug testing available at festivals and music events to save lives.

Another 2 young people have died at a UK festival this weekend. That is 2 more families lives destroyed and 2 young lives lost. Festival season is approaching, how many more people need to die?

The current law does not work. People always have and always will take legal and illegal drugs. 

We need on site drug testing to ensure people are aware of what substance they are taking and reduce harm through education.

It is naive to label these people as "druggies" or "junkies". They are not. Recreational drugs are rife in society. It is human nature to explore and discover new experiences. We do not live in an era where "just say no" works. 

People should be given as much information about the strength, substance and dangers of a substance rather than playing the inevitable russian roulette with their lives.

Make drug testing a licensing objective funded by the event and utilise support from The Loop. Once a dangerous substance has been identified on site, notifications should be sent to attendees phones and displayed on screens.

Through testing we can save lives. 


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