Advocate for free mobility of labour and tourism between England and its Oceanic partners

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Me and my close British community have recently been acquainted with our colon.. I mean our good Australian ( and the inhabitants of the small island south of it ) partners and their irresistible charm. Due to the high cost of transport however, we may never get the chance to feel their shredded bodies again. Thus we would like to advocate for free transport ( or just 9 one way tickets will do ) to the promised land of the Brits. Considering Australia's high investments in the UK economy as well as their strong cultural impact on British taste, we believe it would be in the best interest of parlement to consider this initiative to increase Australia-UK relations. Furthermore, speaking of New Zealand we know how it feels to be a small neglected island on the shore of a much bigger fish, so we could come and grieve with you. Finally, it would be in Australia's best interest to get some extra meat up there to counter the Emu invasion. We know you need help.