The Freedom to Grow Your Own GYO preferred cannabis strains for personal use.

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We The Undersigned need equality, in society and in law, with the consumers of the toxic recreational drugs alcohol and tobacco; that equality being the right to grow, prepare and share our own preferred cannabis strains, the protections of licensed, accountable producers and vendors, and venues for consumption.

We demand the right to grow our preferred cannabis strains, licence free, for our own personal, non-commercial use. Cannabis was banned under an unjust law and is being kept illegal under false pretences, and only permitted to grow under license!

Cannabis is now a well-recognised herb worldwide and has been utilised for millennia. Therefore, these false cannabis prohibition laws on growing, preparing and sharing shall not be recognised by the undersigned petitioners.

We shall not be persecuted any more by false, inhumane and unjust laws!

Let the laws make sense!

End the government driven ideological war on the cannabis community and decriminalise our way of life now!