Process Iraqi applications for Nationalization and halt deportations of Iraqi asylum seekers

Process Iraqi applications for Nationalization and halt deportations of Iraqi asylum seekers

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International Federation Of Iraqi Refugees started this petition to UK Home Secretary

Petition to Home Secretary The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP:

2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF’

Date: 7 December 2018

Please sign this petition calling on the UK’s Home Secretary to:

·         Process Iraqi national Applications for Nationalization

·         Return all passport and give back their citizenship

·         Immediately halt deportations of Iraqi nationals

·         End the UK’s deportation agreement with the Iraqi Government

·         Immediately release all Iraqi refugees held in detention in the UK

·         Give all Iraqis in the UK refugee status.

We writing this on behalf of 8,000 plus Iraqi’s living in the UK who have had their passports ceased by the Home Office, due to discrepancies identified between the dates of birth they provided when they arrived in the UK as asylum seekers and the dates on their Iraqi documents.  This situation has been caused by a combination of facts and events that they experienced including lack of education and remembering their date of births when they arrived, or misleading by agents that helped them to reach the UK.

 It is important that the Home Office have a closer look at the special circumstances and return to those affected their British passports.  Many families and people are suffering because of this and should not be punished for reasons that have not been caused by them.  Their British passports have been held by the Home Office for an undetermined period.

The situation in Iraq unfortunately continues to be difficult.  Despite this the UK Home office continues to detain and forcibly deport Iraqi nationals.  This month alone 9 Iraqi Kurds have been forcibly deported to Baghdad.

 The tragedy of refugees on the borders of Europe and in the Mediterranean Sea is a direct consequence of closing borders to people whose livelihoods and homes have been shattered by civil war, unrest and insecurity. The disaster facing refugees places a tremendous responsibility upon European governments. While the UK and other European governments talk about human rights, they have provided no realistic solution to the causes of the current wave of displacement and forced mass immigration. On the contrary, the UK government is detaining Iraqi refugees for indefinite periods under threat of forced deportation.

 The UK Government is clearly undertaking these deportations with the Iraqi Government’s agreement and using Iraqi Government officials to support, legitimise and authorise the process. Some of the Iraqi asylum seekers detained in Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre after a recent raid have informed IFIR that they were interviewed by Iraqi officials. Following these interviews the Home Office cleared those asylum seekers for deportation. It is unacceptable that the UK Government has such an agreement with the Iraqi Government.

 The UK Government’s policy on detention and deportation is further harming many Iraqi and Kurdish asylum seekers who have built a secure family life in the UK. Indefinite detention periods particularly affect these refugees’ mental health as most have in the past been victims of torture or experienced severe mental trauma.

 It is important to note that Iraq is still a war zone country and Iraqi refugees have had to escape where their lives are under threat. The majority of refugees from Iraq are the direct victims of the political and military involvement of the US and European countries and their support for nominally democratic but repressive regimes and political forces in the Middle East.

 The UK Government’s policy is putting profit before human rights and is complicit in human rights abuses. The International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR) is calling on everyone to stand against the UK’s detention and deportation policy because it harms the lives of Iraqi and Kurdish refugees. IFIR is an organisation dedicated to defending human rights. We see ourselves as part of a progressive and international movement. We fight for the rights of Iraqi refugees across the world and work to gain solidarity from human rights organisations worldwide.  We ask you to condemn forced deportation by the UK Government when Iraq is in a state of war and the Iraqi people are still paying the price for the actions of the UK and US governments.

 IFIR calls on all human and refugee right organizations, trade unions and freedom loving people to sign our petition.





0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!