The wishes of the People

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The British people voted for Brexit, and not for a second, or third, or fourth referendum. They also did not vote for a fudge. Unlike the remainers who were misled by the Remain campaign, 99.9% of those voting for Brexit knew what they were voting for. It was made clear by both sides of the campaign that a vote for Brexit was to leave the EU and all of its agencies.

So it is no to a further referendum on this issue, and yes to a full Brexit: even if it means we do not get a deal with the EU who are making any agreement impossible to accept and still to claim with a straight face that this form of Remain is actually Brexit. If those negotiating from the EU refuse to behave like democrats, then we must accept that we have no deal and we will not pay the un-owed money they demand and we will continue to trade with them on WTO rules as we already do with most of the World.

Only Brexit is Brexit.

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