The Government stated every rough sleeper off the street but this hasn't happened.

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During the COVID19 pandemic we've all been told we need to stay at home - but hundreds of thousands have no home to shelter in. 

The Government stated that every rough sleeper should be given accommodation by 29 March so they can effectively social distance. This hasn't happened, and thousands still remain out on the streets. 

The Government needs to urgently change strategy if its to support rough sleepers into accommodation during and after the COVID19 pandemic. Estimates show there are currently 28,000 people sleeping on the streets in the UK. 

In addition to more funding for this effort, we need clear statements from government that guarantee:

1. Every rough sleeper can seek support and be given accommodation, without having to prove a local connection to the area they're in. 

2. Migrant rough sleepers can access support to get off the streets - 'No Recourse to Public Funds' rules need to be scrapped, and guarantees given that no one experiencing homelessness who seeks support now will face deportation later (as done in other countries such as Ireland and Portugal). 

3. When the COVID19 pandemic is over, no rough sleepers should be evicted from the hotels or homes they've been placed in without alternative long-term accommodation being found for them. 

It is time the Government ends rough sleeping for good and ensures vulnerable people get the support they need.

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