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Tell the UK government to say NO to Glyphosate!

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Later this year the EU will take a crucial decision on whether to extend the authorisation for glyphosate or to ban this dangerous herbicide from our fields. EU governments have been discussing this in Brussels for two years now. Citizens from all over Europe have spoken out against the extension of the licence for glyphosate and with some success. Countries such as France, Italy and Austria have already expressed their opposition to renewing the licence. However, the UK looks like to support the renewal.

The decision has now reached the Council, meaning that how the British government votes is crucial. If we manage to persuade the federal government to vote No, it could spell the end for glyphosate! If the UK abstains or even votes for glyphosate, the approval of the crop poison could be extended by 10 years. We must prevent that!

Glyphosate, a Monsanto product, is mainly used in agriculture as a weedkiller. The herbicide poses significant risks to human health and the environment. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), glyphosate is "probably carcinogenic". Glyphosate also threatens biodiversity by killing any plant that has not been genetically modified. Thus, many bees and other insects are deprived of their habitat and food source. This is a disaster for nature and the environment!

This year offers a historic opportunity to ban the herbicide glyphosate from the fields of Europe. The UK government could play a part in turning the tide. Representatives of European governments, including the UK government, will meet again in Brussels on 25 October. Let's use this petition to create an irresistable pressure on the government and demand that it vetoes the extension! 

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