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Stop The Canatax Pipeline! Its Killing Wildlife!

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Lancashire, turf is being turned over because the government is digging out a salt mine, pumping it with hot water. One area being effected is a small town named Fleetwood and an even smaller school. A group of students cannot let there beloved woodland get effected. Sign this petition and stop the woodland and the ocean being effected. That's right, the sea will get effected. Millions of sea creatures will get killed we can't let our Aquatic wildlife die because if they kill the fish and ocean bed, it will mess up our local food chain. Without any fish, the oyster catchers can't eat, or the seals that live near. This is bad because it would mean a decline in numbers for most of our local wildlife. It will also make working in a business harder because if you do fishing or in a fishing club, the amount of fish and sea shells will go down. Fleetwood will get a pipe underneath it and a gas store beneath there feet. This is very dangerous. Also, This Would Destroy TONS Of Wildlife Living Near Fleetwood Docks, Possibly Causing People to find less fish to catch. Also, The Cardinal Allen Catholic High School Woodland will be destroyed and years of work will be ruined. WE CANT LET THIS HAPPEN! Find More About The Horrible Plan!

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