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UK Government: Stop attacks on fire and rescue services and ensure proper funding that puts public safety first.


Support your firefighters; protect your fire and rescue service

Across the country, fire stations and fire engines are under threat from government cuts. The Fire Brigades Union estimates that one in five firefighter jobs will be lost between 2011 and 2015 if the cuts proceed. As a result, 999 emergency response times are slowing.


This slowdown will mean that lives which could have been saved will be lost. There will be more damage to homes, businesses, schools, communities, the economy and the environment. The cost to society of fire will rise – along with the cost of our insurance.


Fire and rescue services will also be less capable of dealing with fire, floods, road traffic incidents and other emergencies such as terrorist attack.


In addition, less fire prevention work will be undertaken by firefighters in schools, workplaces and local communities.


Every diverse role played your firefighters is crucial to protecting public safety: there are no ‘backroom’ savings to be made. Fire services are already cut to the bone.


The government must stop its attacks on fire and rescue services and ensure proper funding that puts public safety first.


You fire and rescue service costs less than £1 per week per adult. This is amazing value for money to the taxpayer. Don’t let the government destroy it.


Support your firefighters: Demand that the government stops cutting funding to our fire and rescue service and instead invests in the safety of the public and of our firefighters.


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