Type 1 Diabetes Name Change

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Hello I am Ramsay and I have Type 1 Diabetes, I am 13 years old and am sick and tired of people calling me fat (which I am not) and making fun of me, this is all because of the misunderstanding of the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

While there are many aspects of these two conditions that are similar, there are a few crucial differences that change everything.

Type 1 Diabetes is an auto immune disease caused by your pancreas failing to produce insulin therefore insulin has to be injected in to you several times a day or an insulin pump has to be used with a painful canualla every few days. However insulin is not meant to be injected, it should be made in the body which causes your blood sugar to be hard to control, causing you to feel very unwell. This is only a very brief summary of the pain I have to go through daily and there is no known cure.

However type 2 diabetes is, most often, a lifestyle condition which can be reversed, most do not have to do injections and can be controlled through diet and exercise or pills. It is caused by fat not letting your organs do there job properly e.g. controlling insulin and blood sugars.

Due to internet memes and even educational videos the two conditions are often known as a single condition because they do not specify whether it is type 1 or type 2 diabetes and they are often refering to type 2 diabetes, and so they should be! It is estimated that 90-95% of diabetics are type 2 and with obesity growing quicker than ever before it is an important subject to talk about.

If my condition had a different name from ‘diabetes’ it would change my life and millions of others dramatically in a good way because of the reasons above. If you could please sign the petition and help me get to my goal. Many thanks,
Ramsay Meek