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Make animal theft a high priority crime with prison sentences as punishment.

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Peoples pets, whether they be goats, ducks, rabbits, sheep, dogs, horses, cats or any other animal, are not there for people to steal. They are sentient beings and as such, their recovery, when stolen, should be treated as high priority. If a car is stolen police are expected to recover a vehicle, so why not sentient beings who can feel pain and fear just as we can. Material items are being treated with more respect than animals. How can this be right! We have had many instances in the UK. It is no longer safe to leave your pet unattended for a short time in your own garden or even unattended in our home. Pets tied up outside a shop for a couple of minutes have vanished never to be seen again. Owners are being assaulted and pets stolen during a walk. It is happening in the whole of the UK and we even have the thieves now coming up to Scotland, grabbing pets and heading back south to England and selling them. This has happened recently. Someone has also just stolen someone's pet goat. Enough of this, it is disgusting that these thieves get away with it. Poor animals are used for bait in fighting rings, sold on as unwanted pets or used in puppy farms.

The change needs to be actioned by both the UK and Scottish Government. It is high time that prison sentences beome the norm rather than the current slap on the wrist. It is reaching an extremely concerning level now and needs action to be taken.

Does this ever increasing way that thieves earn their cash need a murder before something is done to change things.

Kadburi pictured above is a beautiful girl who was saved recently from the thieves.

Please support this petition to keep our beloved pets safe.


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