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Tell Regent Pattiz To Resign From The UC Board of Regents

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The University of California is a national trailblazer when it comes to our work toward eradicating sexual harassment and sexual violence prevention. From CARE offices on each campus to a plethora of reporting resources for survivors of sexual violence, we have paved the way for other universities to curate a culture of consent.

Two weeks ago, it was revealed by the LA Times that UC Regent Norman Pattiz was found with repeated acts of sexual harassment, making comments like "If I wasn't married, I would be chasing you down the hallway" and asking his female employees if he could hold their breasts. Ji Min Park, a former employee of Pattiz, attributed her resignation from her position largely in part of too many sexually inappropriate comments.

In a statement from the same article, Pattiz apologized, saying "It will be a valuable learning experience" and "I assure you that you can teach an old dog new tricks."

But this is more than teaching an old dog new tricks - it's about understanding that the University of California cannot keep its reputation as a trailblazer for sexual violence prevention while keeping board members who are the antithesis of their ambitions. It's about understanding that now students, especially students who identify as survivors, no longer feel safe when talking to the people governing the policies of their university experience.

It was recently announced that as a result of the news of Pattiz's repeated acts of sexual harassment, the UC Board of Regents is now required to take the same training students, staff and faculty have been taking for over a year. However, clicking away through modules on a computer screen does not repair the broken trust that stakeholders in the university now have. It does not repair the damage of the womxn of color that were forced to leave their job because of the uncomfortable environment that his comments caused. It doesn't do anything but pay lip service for a cause that is profoundly personal to students.

The UC is committed to sexual violence prevention, as long as it doesn't affect their personal prestige or resume, and this is problematic. We call upon Regent Pattiz to have the moral conviction to resign from his position from the UC Board of Regents. It's time to do the right thing for the wellbeing of students, staff and faculty that depend on the Board to act in good faith.

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