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Remove the Casual bans and or fix the new banning system in Rainbow Six Siege

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Many people In the community have been banned at least once because of the new team killing system, the system is unfair to those who want to play the game correctly but get harassed by trolls until their only option is to kill them, accidental team kills are a huge problem in matchmaking also, many accidental kills with explosives or misfires have led to bans which were not intended by the player in any way necessary. The new system doesn't stop those who incapacitate their own team then leave, no consequences are ever added to those players nor the players who exploit their own ability to help the opposing team to win. Most experienced players have received bans because of this system that doesn't stop the true trolls, but mostly the dedicated players of the series who have dedicated days into the online aspect of the game. This new system is ruining the game, making the dedicated players quit and allowing trolls to prosper because they know how to adapt to the new set of consequences. Here is what I propose, a system that reads how many teamkills people get overall and acts accordingly to their action, an option to choose whether a team kill was purposeful or not and most importantly less strict ban times in casual and a way to refute them by using the systems proposed and comparing on average how many team kills one does per a certain amount of games and their early quitting times. Trolls will never quit games like Rainbow Six Siege, but they will continue to make others quit the game by exploiting the new ban system and using it against those who have been dedicated to the game. Remove the banning system or change it, unless you want to lose thousands of players who have dedicated their time and money into this game to fight back against trolls and cheaters.

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