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Rainbow Six Siege-Keep Favela and Yacht in the casual map rotation

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Personally, I think I speak for a majority of the Rainbow Six Siege community when I say that Favela and Yacht should be kept in the casual map rotation. Before you jump to conclusions, no, Favela and Yacht are not my favourite maps and I understand that Favela is a community hated map, but it does not deserve the fate of falling into obscurity.

Ubisoft has announced that at the start of Season 3 for year 2, Favela and Yacht will be removed from the casual map rotation to quote on quote, 'help' new players become more experienced at the game. 

I understand that Rainbow Six Siege is a game with a steep learning curve, and can sympathise with new players who are having difficulty grasping the basic mechanics of game play, let alone each of the attacking and defending operators. However with that said, I fail to see how removing two maps from the online map rotation will benefit the community, and would argue that it would hinder the community.

Favela may be a confusing map that is difficult to grasp at first, but players can quickly learn the map layout (including Yacht's) within a few games, and can also further learn the maps from the community itself (players in-game, reddit, youtube, etc) or from terrorist hunt.

Ubisoft's decision to remove Yacht has confused me the most though, as I do not believe that Yacht is a difficult map to learn, and would argue that other maps have a steeper learning curve than Yacht (Some examples are skyscraper and House (murder holes/destructible capability), not that those maps should be removed).

Besides the maps themselves, I think even new players can agree that removing two whole maps from the online matchmaking is a poor decision, and would be willing to compensate by learning how to play on these maps.

This decision will hinder the older player base the most however, as these maps are still beloved by many, with people like me even agreeing that the maps can be fun to play on.

So please Ubisoft, do not remove Favela and Yacht from the casual map rotation, as doing so will only lead to fewer maps to play on, and will not benefit anyone in the long run. 

Thank you to anyone who has read and considered supporting my petition.

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