Keep the original Tachanka in Rainbow Six: Siege

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There has been rumours our Lord and Saviour Tachanka may be getting a complete rework. New gadget, new look, new backstory, basically new operator altogether.

If they're making a new operator, why not just keep the old one in the game? It means more content for the people that play the game, which isn't a bad thing.

Tachanka is often considered to be the worst operator in the game. Most people call his gadget useless, and a hindrance, or disadvantage to the team. Tachanka is considered a troll pick.

While this is true sometimes, his gadget has a sheild that covers his head. This can be a very valuable ability to have in a game where a headshot is a one shot kill. There are certain spots that you can set up your mounted LMG, where it is very hard to kill you, without destroying your sheild with a lot of health. People do not realise how much health Tachankas LMG sheild has, and the think they can destroy it quickly by prefiring it, like you could with Blackbeard's sheild. This can sometimes allow for easy kills.

Tachanka has many cosmetic items, that people have saved up their renown, or paid for R6 credits to buy. 

Tachanka has interactions with other operators in game, and in the Rainbow Six Siege lore. For example, Finka has been known to flirt with Tachanka on occasion. Removing Tachanka from the game would make people like Finka's lore less deep.

There are other ways that Tachanka could be improved. For example, they could make his rounds able to shoot through sheilds.

In conclusion. Tachanka should not be reworked, for all the reasons mentioned above, plus all the glorious Lord Tachanka memes.