Give Far Cry 5 an ending that doesn't suck.

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(Spoilers for the game's endings)

Far Cry 5 is mechanically quite a great game, with many excellent improvements from past titles (such as the removal of a minimap, organic exploration, seemless coop, etc). However, there are several design decisions regarding the plot that greatly deminish the games enjoyment (the mute protagonist, the ridiculous capture-escape-capture-escape nonsense, etc). Most egregious (but luckily, most fixable) of these problems is the terrible, terrible set of endings, both of which A: rob the player of any sense of acomplishment/render their progress in Hope County meaningless, and B: make absolutely no sense given that Ubisoft intends to allow the player to continue playing after the credits roll. How exactly am I supposed to help the citizens of Fall's End with their post-cult clean up and bull testicle festival if they are either A: under bliss fueled mind control with Joseph still in charge, or B: are burned to a crisp by a nuclear bomb?

An ending that allows the player to properly cap off their progress with Joseph's death/arrest (or even a 30 second cutscene explaining that the "nuclear" ending was a bliss hallucination and the Joseph is dead) would go a long way towards redeeming this game's story and making it a game that could be recommended without reservation to others, rather than a mechanically strong game brought down by a truly awful set of endings.