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Change the policy about Uplay avatar

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Hello, I'm asking Ubisoft to change the way they're using the term of service about the way they manage the profile avatar image ban. The privilege of a custom image for Uplay profile should not be taken down base on a system that registers the amount of report that a player received. A human should be in charge of this to verify case by case at least when there's a huge number of report on a user. We can’t have a system that bans the avatar images because a certain amount of users report the image each other. As we know right now it only takes few reports from couple user to get see the privilege of the person being revoked by Ubisoft. This makes no sense. Yes, there's people that abuse with sexualize or racist image and these users should get their image removed there’s no doubt about this. The fact people getting their avatar image ban without any verification from any human being, that should a concern from Ubisoft team. If a person is not violating the rule of the terms of service there's no reason to ban him. The people that have seen their image getting removed, should get back their privilege because it makes no sense get a ban for doing nothing.

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