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Donate the the price of a Meal Trade not the price of a plate

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To The Concerned University Community:

 We, the S.W.A.P executive board, would like to raise awareness about a pressing issue at The State University of New York at Albany. Swipe With A Purpose, in partnership with UAlbany Dining Services, held an event on April 9th 2015, where students were allowed to donate a Meal Trade to the hungry and needy in local Albany community. Students were under the impression that the Meal Trades they would be donating would be of equal value to a normal Meal Trade at UAlbany. Just a few days ago, the S.W.A.P. E-board was informed that this was not the case; UAlbany Dining Services disregarded the terms regarding the donation of Meal Trades.

UAlbany Dining Services had informed S.W.A.P that the Meal Trades donated were only worth $2.75, which is the equivalent to “the average plate cost at Colonial Quad.” We had agreed to reduce the cost of the cup of ramen noodle soup that was served at $.76, which they followed through on. In total we received $1.99 for each of the Meal Trades that were donated to us. As S.W.A.P, we agreed to the price of a Meal Trade, not the price of a plate. Both S.W.A.P. and the general public in attendance on April 9th in the colonial dining hall were not made aware that their meal trades would not be worth the full value, as this was not the initial agreement. Although we acknowledge and appreciate what the UAlbany Dining Services have done for our group, we do not support their decision in lessening the value of a donated Meal Trade. The value of one Meal Trade at any of the dining halls on campus is valued at $10.50 + tax.

 The participants of S.W.A.P. are outraged by the decision of UAlbany Dining Services, and we would like to take initiative in raising awareness for this issue. This is not only robbing the students who donated Meal Trades of carrying out a moral deed to its fullest potential but also to the needy community who can greatly benefit from an act of kindness. We are reaching out to you in support of trying to change the value of a donated Meal Trade. We think that this is a fair request, and it will amount to a great value for people in need. Please sign the petition if you agree to the terms of this request.



      The S.W.A.P. Executive Board

      Twitter @SWAP_UAlbany.

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