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Make Mandatory pre bloodwork before Sedating a Pet and Stop Using Toxic Chemicals on Lawns

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In August 2015 we found some inflammation and scabs our dogs ear tips and took him to the vet and the testing revealed a type of cancer, Squamous Cell Carcinoma. His ear tips were removed and regular check-ups and blood work he seemed cancer free. Blood test do not always show cancer. We tried our best to keep him away from pesticides and lawn chemicals being used heavily in our neighborhood! The spraying was so bad that we had closed up our windows and doors but I still had burning in my throat and burning around the soft tissues of my mouth, this poison goes into the air and in skin pores! Pesticides have been found in indoor cats!

July 2016 we took Coco in because of this deep cough and he was not eating or drinking. Tests showed Pericardial Effusion, water around his heart. The researchers discovered this happening in pets because of lawn chemical exposure! The sac around Coco’s heart was drained! Regular check-ups showed no issues and he got a clean bill of health, February 2017. The Cardiologist mentioned autoimmune disease could have caused the water around Coco’s heart. Coco was diagnosed with a type of Arthritis associated with lawn chemical exposure. The doctor put him on Prednisone and he was on it up until the beginning of April. He seemed fine no signs anything was wrong with him! Unbeknownst to us A silent killer was ready to strike, Autoimmune Disease and Neurological Disorder! Severe Anemia and issues with blood clotting. We moved from our home of 11 yrs to escape the lawn chemicals. It got so bad we had to drive our pets to an area where no chemicals were being used. But chemicals get on the pavement and street and tracked around by cars and the pets get the poison on the bottoms of their paws and shows tract the chemical into the home. We were desperate after trying to get the governor of Virginia to do something and he just brushed it off and handed it to the VDOT and they did NOTHING! I went to each neighbor with a 3 fold flyer I designed to educate my neighbors. Some welcomed the information and others were angered by it, in fact, right across from us a neighbor decided to start using Tru-Green also, after knowing of our desperate situation having had our lab Sheppard mix die in 2009 of cancer and Coco having cancer and Autoimmune issues caused from the chemicals!

We moved our family of fur babies to Wellsboro PA., away from the lawn chemicals and near a state park. June 2nd we took Coco Bean to the Vet in Wellsboro to get his teeth cleaning. Before I did that I asked them to please do the pre screen blood work before performing the dental because of the serious health issues with Coco. Vets are supposed to do the pre screen for dogs over 5 and for pets that could have serious problems after being sedated! My pleading with them to call the Vets in Virginia and to look at the paperwork we gave them about Coco’s prior surgeries, cancer etc. The call came in that they had done the dental and sedation without first looking at the pre screen blood results and discovered a serious anemia and no measurable platelets. This was serious and he was kept overnight. The next day he stayed there until the afternoon around 3pm we talked to the doctor and was given the news about the anemia, they called it an infection.

Coco had 0 Zero blood platelets left on Sunday 6/4/17 the day he went into a coma and died.  Coco was doing OK the evening of Saturday 6/3/17 eating, drinking, going potty, and sleeping! The silent killer was about to strike the next day! The Vet in Wellsboro could not help him and turned us away on Sunday morning having us drive 2 hours to NY Cornell University Vet Hospital where he died. Cornell Vets did not thaw the platelets and Coca had seizures in the car on the way and was dying.

This petition is to call on our public officials to regulate the lawn care industry and Vet procedures nationwide and alert the public. Greed and lack of set procedures failed Coco. The money was the important thing to them instead of thawing the life saving platelets for transfusion.


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