Stop the abusive treatment of Pit Bulls

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Recently one of the pit bull puppies we sold got lose, the owners of the property she was found on called animal control, the police showed up instead. They wouldn't return her to her owner, and instead put her in a cage, she snapped at the man forcing her in the cage. She has never been in a cage her entire life! She was beat and abused while at the pound and we do not know if she will be put down or not. Pit bulls were once nanny dogs because there very good protectors, and very strong, people found this as a to get money by fighting them. They are harmless unless you attack them. They can't help their reputation think, if you were a pretty (or handsome) person and you were forced to be put in a room and then be beat wouldn't you care? Dogs don't have a voice, so people must be their voice to stop the violence.   

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