Reopen the murder of Tracy McMath

Reopen the murder of Tracy McMath

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David Harrell started this petition to U.S. Senate and

Today Thursday, July 30,2020, I will send this petition to be reviewed by the legislative people include in this petition. 
I have contacted Investigators, Generals, politicians, news channels, and other people of importance to insure this case be re investigated.  I did back ground searches on my own and at my own expense to locate those I believe have knowledge of the deaths of Tracy and her unborn child. 

All I’ve been told is, “the case is reopened.”  I am not satisfied. This is a solvable case. If someone will get up and get it done. 

Tracy McMath was viciously murdered in Mannheim, Germany on Sunday, September 27, 1987. Her brother Jimmie Chrisco was charged and tried for her murder. He was acquitted on Thursday, February 4, 1988, after a 14 day trial.

This case falls directly under the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command 27130 Telegraph Road, Quantico, VA 22134-2253

Although Jimmie admitted to the murder, which really damaged the investigation, he did so out of duress. Jimmie was subjected to several days of interrogation, intimidation and told if he admitted to the crime he would be set free. Jimmie ultimately realized he was not going to be set free and obtained representation.

Evidence, witnesses and a ton of other evidence and facts saved Jimmie from prison. There were other persons of interests and one who admitted to being at the McMath residence the day of the murder. A person who was close to the McMath’s but refused to cooperate with the investigation, refused a polygraph and never contacted Tracy’s husband at all after Tracy’s death. Not even to give condolences.

There were 16 fingerprints secured from the crime scene, two sets include three from the tiles in the bathtub where Tracy’s body was found and one from the telephone receiver in the apartment. The finger prints were checked for matches of German citizens or American military personnel, but only those military members who had ever been arrested by German Police. No matches came back. When CID ran finger print checks, none of the prints matched Jimmie Chrisco, but nine of the 14 fingerprints were those of Tracy and Wayne.

What about the remaining identifiable, but as yet unidentified finger prints? Not only are the unknown fingerprints lifted from the bathroom tiles near Tracy’s body relevant, but so is the fingerprint, also unknown, lifted from the telephone receiver used to make the “strange” telephone call to Tracy’s best friend.

If DNA, fingerprints,  and other evidence still exist, this murder is solvable, and there is persons of interest.  There is a vast amount of evidence and information that can be provided.

There is nothing to gain in this respectful request that this murder of a wife, friend, and her unborn child be re-opened. There are no law suits, no political gain, no fingers being pointed faulting anyone on the outcome of the initial investigation.

The only thing that can be achieved is justice. Even if it’s not the justice we all hope it will be. Someone is responsible.

Over the past three years I have worked on reopening the Cold Case Murder of Tracy McMath and her unborn child on my own time and at my own expense. I grew up with Tracy, we former husband and her brother Jimmie.

Tracy’s brother, Jimmie Dale Chrisco was charged, gave a false confession, but later acquitted. If CID knew Jimmie like I knew Jimmie they would understand why Jimmie would give such a statement.

The surviving family deserves better and I feel this is a solvable case. I located two persons of interest and provided their current locations.

One person was close to the McMath family yet he refused to cooperate with the investigation, refused polygraph examinations, was inquisitive of the investigation and was getting ready to ETS. He was in a huge hurry to get out of Germany. According to investigative documents it was recommended this person be investigated at length.

I reviewed investigative documents that state he was at the Mcmath residence on the day of the murder and may have information regarding the murder if not directly involved. This person who was a close friend of Paul McMath never tried to help him find Tracy’s killer. He avoided contact with Paul McMath, never expressed condolences or has any type of communication during the investigation. Or after.

The other person of interest was the above individuals roommate. A witness reported seeing a pregnant white female adult with two white military looking men ( haircuts etc) at some type of carnival or event on the day of her death.

This second person of interest now specializes in “Deviant” art that leans toward sexual violence with women.

These two may have been involved in Tracy’s death or have knowledge. There was no forced entry into the Mcmath residence. Tracy kept the doors secured. Tracy knee her killer or killers.

According to one childhood friend Of Tracy’s, Tracy expressed concerns about the first subject I mentioned on multiple occasions. Tracy was quoted as saying “.... ... gives me the creeps.”

There’s other possible motives that have come to mind after talking to Tracy’s childhood friends, Paul Mcmath, Jimmies defense attorney and reading a large amount of investigative documentation.

There are fingerprints that did not come back to either Tracy, Paul and Jimmie found at the crime scene. They were not checked to the degree they should have been.

The United States Army has stated they have re-opened the cold case murder of Tracy Chrisco McMath. So far no one involved in the effort to get this case reopened has been contacted and advised that anything is actually happening.

After several attempts to communicate with USACIDC I have only been told that the case has been reopened and sent to CID in Germany. I sent an email enquiring on if the CID was actually Investigating Tracy’s death. I have received no reply.

Friends and family deserve more. I understand confidentiality, but some type of respect for the surviving family and friends should be given by the US Army.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!