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Keep the planet clean for all

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The Trump administration and The Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt have already begun- and expected to complete their process of repealing the Clean Power Plan. This plan, originally a huge victory during Obama's era, was the first- ever agenda put in place to responsibly place limits on the large amounts of carbon dioxide pollution produced and released into the atmosphere by our country's coal and electric power plants. This bill helped in making great strides towards reducing the effects of our current climate crisis.

Now Pruitt, and his top deputy Andrew Wheeler-former lobbyist for the Coal Industry are set to dismantle The Clean Air Act this Monday.  Allowing for profit driven-large industries to have zero regulations on the amount of harmful waste and pollution they can emit into the atmosphere. Extra carbon in our atmosphere is the leading cause of human induced climate change.

This disheartening and outrageous action by Pruitt and the President are dangerous and horrifying. Already across the Globe millions are witnessing the effects a warming planet is having on their ability to thrive and even survive as heat waves are continuing, droughts are persisting, sea levels are rising, catastrophic hurricanes and wild fires are worsening, and food and water is becoming more scarce. 

 It is not only vital, but commonsense that the EPA must enforce the Clean Power Plan and defend not just our countries right to clean energy, air and water for all, but for all people, everywhere, to have a safe and healthy future.

We longer can sit back and watch this fight hoping the outcomes are in our favor. The effects of climate change must be addressed and tackled now. I deeply encourage everyone of us to protect our tomorrow, and use our voices. Please, take 5 minutes to sign my petition—and tell the EPA to follow through on our commitment to a clean and sustainable future.

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