Get endangered grey wolves protected

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The house just voted to take grey wolves off of the protection list, this means they can now be hunted down and killed. I’m sorry but who the hell do these people think they are that they discuss whether an animal can be hunted or not?! THIS IS THEIR PLANET AND LIFE TOO! It’s absolutely disgusting. The grey wolves apparently “cause havoc to the wildlife” in translation it’s in the way of another golf course we want and we want to be able to feel more manly by going out and shooting innocent creatures with our guns. The only things causing havoc in this world are politicians. They think they can do what they like in their expensive clothing, so now they want to go and extinct a beautiful and majestic species. Please sign and spread the word as these so called people that are suppose to protect this world are instead killing it off so it’s up to us, I don’t want these animals to feel scared by hunters or to be shot down. They deserve life we are not above them we share this planet and we DON’T get to put a target on all of their heads! WE cause havoc to wildlife, WE are killing this planet and WE share this world. Humanity needs to finally show some humanity.