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Donald Trump has now denied leaking classified information after an impossibly long list of errors in judgments and acts of blatant disregard for his office, its duties or in cases, the safety of U.S. citizens. He has no credibility, has committed unfortunate or unthinkable actions on a daily basis and we need to hasten impeachment.  Since many of his grossly inappropriate actions and words were unprecedented, there is no means with which to deal with them.  One must be created.  The 25th Amendment deals what happens in the event of death, removal or incapacitation of The President of The United States. Where there is no definition provided for "fit to serve" or"incapacitated," one needs to be provided.  The definition must be one in which a LICENSED impartial person of sound LEGAL or MEDICAL judgment may apply immediately, in case of emergency.  An uncomplicated process must be created for immediate removal from office in the case of national security.

No process has been created for replacement and order of succession of power of the President and Vice President in the event of collusion during an election, election tampering and associating with foreign or domestic election tamperers in any fashion.  A provision needs to be created in the event that:  The party that is elected is the party that commits these offenses; Once the offense is discovered, the President AND Vice President shall be replaced with their opponents in the last Presidential Election that garnered the highest number of POPULAR votes in comparison to the tampering party.  If that Presidential Candidate with the next highest number of votes is unable to serve, her or his Vice Presidential Candidate will take the Office of President, and so forth down the line, assuming the Electoral College is still in existence.  If the Electoral College is abolished, order of succession in a corrupted election will always be by popular vote between the top two parties.  If a President or his party tampers and wins, he and his Vice President is are illegitimate Presidents.  Any appointments and executive orders made by the ILLEGITIMATE president could be immediately reversed by the incoming president at her or his discretion.  

The list of Impeachable Offenses needs to be broadened and punishment needs to be defined.  Listed are high crimes and misdemeanors and treason.  Attorneys are not allowed to have the "appearance of impropriety", so if the U.S. President swears to uphold the US Constitution and defend our country as Commander in Chief, how can we NOT hold our President to the same standard?  We cannot have our highest official constantly embroiled in scandal and defending the offending behavior.  This is beyond the norm.  The President is the Commander in Chief of all armed forces and the highest ambassador for the United States.  Penalties for indiscreet behavior by persons occupying the office should be the same as, or in addition to, any penalties imposed by the Uniform Military Code of Justice, any state, federal and local laws.  This shall include any crimes imposing the death penalty.


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