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Write a Letter to President Trump requesting an EO for a "Vaccine Free 2017"

Sallie Elkordy
Forest Hills, NY, United States

Dec 5, 2017 — I just wrote my 21st letter and am hoping this one finds it's way to the President. Perhaps it's that I am the only one writing asking for him to sign an Executive Order for a "VACCINE FREE 2017" that I have not received a response, so I am reaching out to well-informed people to likewise make this request. Here is the letter I sent yesterday, Dec. 4th, and a link further delineating my request is here: Contact the President yourselves please here:

My letter to the President, Dec. 4, 2017


Dear President Donald J. Trump,

I am writing to ask you to outlaw vaccines and save our babies. The common components in vaccines include aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury and MSG per the Centers for Disease Control. These are toxic poisons, especially in the blood stream. The results of these poisons are creating very sick or dead children. Children are dying in infancy due to the 33 doses given to them and mothers are miscarrying due to the 4 recommended doses for them. Polysorbate 80 is a sterilization component and is the second ingredient in the Vitamin K shot given to all children in NY State at birth. I could go on, but I believe what I have just stated is sufficient to call for at least a moratorium on this program. Everyone is wise to what I have just informed you of, but are turning their heads away as our children suffer and die. Families are heartbroken needlessly; all from the vaccines they were told were safe and effective, but instead are damaging their children.

I would appreciate a meeting with you to address every issue regarding vaccination because; as a person whose family has been affected, I have dedicated my time to investigating what went wrong and how it can be fixed. My conclusion is this:

Please sign an Executive Order for a "VACCINE FREE 2017" due to poisonous contents, resultant diseases, the high infant mortality rate in our Country vs. other Countries who do not administer as many vaccines and the exceptionally good health of the unvaccinated (there are 4 studies, just none conducted by our government) vs. the vaccinated who suffer chronic ill health. The 1986 Act which lifted liability from the vaccine manufacturers also states that informing parents and guardians of vaccine risks is NOT required. I have approached Congress since 2009 to Ban Vaccines and have voted for you because your statements indicated you understood that vaccines were a bonafide threat to children. We will never make America great unless our children are capable. They are diminished by vaccination.

Please outlaw vaccines for Christmas and preserve a future for our Country.

Sincerely, Sallie O. Elkordy


CONTACT President Trump to say, "Please #OUTLAWvaccines and #SaveOurBabies!":

Use your own justification, but a vaccine BAN is what we are after with a minimum standard of a Moratorium (either by Executive Order). What a MERRY CHRISTMAS it would be!!! In 2016 I called for a Moratorium to the NVAC of the HHS in person and since 2009 I have requested of Congress that they Ban Vaccines (or sponsor a "Vaccine Free" bill).

Why might this get different results? We now have someone in the White House who ACKNOWLEDGES the risks AND the lies: our President is the lone politician to have stated PUBLICLY that children are receiving too many vaccines too soon and that they are becoming autistic as a result. He also stated that that the flu shot is a scam. ** If not now, when? If not Trump, who? ** #VaccineFree2017 (please note the DEADLINE and ACT NOW). Thanks, Sallie O. Elkordy @VaccineFreeNYC on Facebook and Twitter.

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