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Support the Making United States Independents Competitive Act

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‘‘Making United States Independents Competitive Act’’ or ‘‘MUSIC Act’’

“Our small, independent music labels are finding it increasingly difficult to sell their goods in the global marketplace,” said Nadler. “This bill would help promote U. S. exports in an extremely competitive industry whose talents cannot be outsourced. Helping these businesses access foreign markets is also an important part of President Obama’s goal to double U. S. exports in five years – an effort in which New York, home to many independent music labels and artists, continues to take the lead.”  

Rep, Jerry Nadler. (Press release about MUSIC Act)

Since the this bill was first introduced 2012 the US's percentage of the world's music market share in Recorded Media (i.e. Blu-ray, CD's Cassettes, DVD, and vinyl)  has plunged from 80 percent to maybe 15 percent.  Consider the recently release 2014 Census data analysis (picture included) it shows a -397 % loss in exports in Record Media over last years --with the majority of that being US Made Music. Meanwhile, the exporting of other US Arts is booming according the National Endowment for the Arts reading of the same Census data.  

How is this possible, when the biggest recording artists in the world are supposed to be from the USA? Whole genre like Country, Jazz and Rap are American innovations and we're not even showing up at the border.

Well, the Majors have haliburtonized the US Music business! Meaning that artists signed to the Major's releases aren't exported out of the USA. Since few presently in the USA seem to know how Entertainment distribution works the US export of music is not seen as a priority. If they where we'd have a trade surplus from a mere hand-full of Major Recording artists-- END OF STORY.  To learn more visit  And, the only way to stop them and us from entertaining our economy to death is to support the making and exporting of US Made Music both of which this Act sets out to do.

As the MUSIC Act has already been proposed (clearly) it was considered something important in 2012 and needs to be a priority in 2015 and for President Obama during the remainder of his Presidency;  Since being the President of the ruin of a US invented industry is not the legacy that any President wants to be saddled with in history.

To that end we call upon the 114 Session of Congress, the President of the United States and every American to band together and support this industry and this Act.

The USA invented and dominated Recorded music  and there is no reason why it cannot again. The - Making United States Independents Competitive Act -goes a long way towards getting the US back on track and I'm signing this and putting it on Congress to stand with US Made Music and those that make it and for the President to sign-it once it hits his desk. 

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